Thursday, 25 April 2013

milk, bread and cookies

Milk, bread and cookies, bunny style. First up, a delicious jug of freshly milked nuts.  I believe this was a cashew/almond combo, sweetened with dates and vanilla bean. The nuts are soaked a few hours so they are soft, alive and readily digested, then blended with water, strained through a fine mesh bag then blended again with dates and vanilla. yum.  Great warmed up with chai spices, or in a creamy smoothie or...
A nice big glass alongside  gluten-free vegan almond butter cookies. The recipe I use calls for peanut butter but I swing the almond butter way. Chewy, dense, slightly sweet, slightly salty and I still get that old school cookie comfort. 

The other day I had a funny thought. Ive been on such a lettuce-as-the-bread kick that I now buy gorgeous heads of butterleaf or romaine as though I were buying a loaf of bread. Look at that beauty! 

That there lunch would be homemade guac, sweet potato chickpea burgers on butterleaf (grown locally!) And Ill proboaly have a variation of this for lunch today too!

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  1. I am going to get some butter leaf lettuce tomorrow to put my boca burger in.