Wednesday, 15 May 2013

still getting the hang of this blogging stuff

alright, alright so I havent been great at being a regular blogger but Im still getting the hang of it. You havent missed too much though, still feeling great post-op and enjoying the peace and quiet of normalcy after surgery. Normal and happy has been looking alot like this:

so many pancake mornings

 Its been super beautiful here for at least the past week so we've been getting in lots of backyard chilling time.
lula staying chill on hot backyard days
rocking so many monster salads

vintage crockpot crafted soup, groovy sister-made potholder  and mooooooore salad!

Alright, so real talk. I had a slightly overdue follow up with my specialist not long ago, and well, it was interesting. The heavy duty drugs they are pumping crohnies up with these days are pretty serious scary stuff and this doctor is in a bit of a rush to get me on them. I wont get too far into the details, but the potential side effects vs the potential success is far too high a risk for me to take at this point in my life. The drugs they are pushing are not a cure, they are not %100, they come with loads of potentially life changing side effects and basically are extremely harsh on all your major organs/systems... And this specialist I see, well she sees me for about 10 minutes a year, and didnt even have the real story about what went down with my surgery, so I just dont feel right trusting her judgement. I feel like Ive worked really hard for the health I have in spite of crohns disease and these drugs would just put it all in jeopardy. So after dr. scared the bejeebus out of with 10 minutes of terrifying tales of side effects, a life sentence of being pumped up with modified mouse proteins, followed by completely losing my trust when she was clueless as to what actually happened in my surgery, I just knew this was not the way for me.
You see that glow there? That is the look of a dedicated green-juicing health warrior on a pretty groovy healing journey. Pretty sure that glow would not be possible on biological immune suppressants!  Green juice! Amen and namaste!


  1. I am really sad she did not take time to review your chart completely. Honestly. And really glad you keep making pancakes. They always look delicious.

  2. I forgot to tell you- when I had my first GI post op, I was 3 months pregnant. It was all up there in my computerized chart, blood tests, referrals, ultrasound x 2, and she did not notice until half way through my appointment. I just waited to see how longit would take her to catch on. Thats kind of a big thing to miss when you are trying to prescribe crazy drug cocktails to your patient...