Saturday, 25 May 2013

comfort food

Just a couple breakdowns of some delicious dinners that were born out of the need for comfort food. 

hippie bowl

This one happened after I had the foresight to start the rice cooker with some sprouted brown rice before I headed out for my cleaning shift at the yoga studio. I was pretty tired and hungry and so happy for the quick yet still hearty and wholesome meal that is made possible by having a pot of rice at the ready! This was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Hungry Hungry Hippie. She frequents the rice&egg bowl with a zillion random variations. This one was sprouted brown rice, pea shoots, wilted arugula, dairy-free pesto, a fried organic egg and a blob of cashew cheese. So yummy and satisfying :)

Lula gets really interested when I cook meat
So Im one of those mostly-vegetarian, great at vegan baking, sometimes eats organic meat kinda girls. This was one evening after work and I wanted a good, simple dinner with lots of yum and not alot of frills. I gathered a few solid quality items from the market and whipped up this nice dinner- Steamed broccoli with lots of butter, roasted rose fingerling potatoes and grilled organic chicken breast :)

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  1. I am now very curious about sprouted rice and craving a rice+egg combo. There are so many farm fresh eggs around here these days and I must find ways to use them. Rice it is.