Thursday, 4 July 2013

noodles and trees

Well, Ive been a crappy blogger. Lately Ive been thinking alot about how much crohn I want to talk about here and have no conclusion for this thought. Ive been digging deeper into the world of crohnie bloggers and there is a pretty cool community out there with loads of important info. Ive read alot of stories of different treatments and scary complications ect and have am a little overwhelmed and in awe of the bravery and strength required to take the biological pharmaceuticals. Crohns is pretty wild in its varied degrees of severity and am I just so super grateful that Ive managed as well as I have as long as I have. I have to admit Ive been thinking a lot about these drugs and the (unknown) long term effects. For now Im still honoring my gut feeling (haha) that imuran/remicade/humira are not right for me, as Im still feeling amazing post-surgery and am going to ride out this great feeling as long as I can. That ride includes lots and lots and lots of greens! 

One of my very favorite dinners, miso veggie noodle soup. Ive been experimenting with eating less grains lately (more on that later) but I loooooove my rice noodles so this is challenging. This bowl is a mix of half rice noodles (actually they are pumpkin ginger rice noodles yum!) and half zuchinni noodles    to lighten the grain load. Lots of greens steamed in a broth of homemade chicken stock and chickpea miso, tamari, ginger, green onion and shitake mushrooms. Yumyumyum. And soooooo good on my guts :)

In non food related news, Ive been climbing alot of trees, with Lula standing watch. Good for catching a new perspective ;) We are loving summer :)

Alright, Im going to try to be a better blogger, because I actually kind of enjoy it :)


  1. Sister!! That pho looks SOOO good. Will you share your chicken stock recipe? I have done it before but am not ga-ga with how it turns out. xoxo

  2. I want that soup.

    Also trees. Love the climbing.