Saturday, 13 April 2013

catching up

gettin fresh in the am 
Things have been same-same here, waking up the ol' GI tract with a juicy grapefruit and green juice. So much life in this combo! And when I am done it looks like the fruit plates they leave for the butterflies at the zoo.  Feeling good, eating well and getting back into the groove of participating in the outside world.

all healed up @ 6wks
I'm pretty happy with way surgery turned out. I'm far enough along  from the intense hospital part that I can enjoy the benefits of my gi renovation project. Its pretty crazy that they can knock you out and go inside fixing stuff and bring you back like that. I went in with a positive attitude and tried naively to prepare myself for the post-op situation but it still utterly kicked my butt.  Good news is it got a tiny bit better every single day, and 6 weeks later I am healed up in pretty good shape! 

rice tortilla pizza with a blue-green smoothie
That there photo is yesterdays lunch, with the added bonus of a sneak peak at my glass  collection. That is  a spinach, tempeh leftovers, tomato feta pizza and a blueberry-banana-green smoothie, in a sundae glass, and yes, that it a glass straw.

Oh, and since I havent officially introduced her, this is Lula. She would like to get that squirrel over there.

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  1. If I gave Jude that glass straw he'd eat it! Super fancy!! New Post!!