Friday, 5 April 2013

toddler pancakes/ bunny waffles

So I recently learned this cutie is making "toddler pancakes" for her very cute and hungry toddler. From what I understand toddler pancakes involve a free-style blending of veggies with banana/egg/oats to sneak the veggies into the toddler in a toddler friendly yummy unit of food. I found this rather suspicious. This sounds alot like bunny pancakes. Or bunny waffles. It started with my pumpkin pancake craze one fall many moons ago in art scool. Then pumpkins were out of season so I quickly became famous in my art school house for sweet potato pancakes. My most used ingredients to blend into a good old breakfast cake are cooked sweet potato or squash/pumpkin, banana, applesauce, grated carrot and oats. Pancakes are incredibly versatile and while there are a million yummy creative recipes out there I usually just wing it. They are my breakfast of choice. And if the batter is just so I might get crazy and pull out my vintage thrifted waffle maker rescued from Mom's apartment of wonders and make bunny waffles!
sweet potato waffles, butter, maple syrup. perfection.

Off to make breakfast now! I think its banana pancake day....

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  1. Butter and maple syrup are a divine partnership, this much I know to be true.