Monday, 8 April 2013

double dinner

The other night as I was considering what to make for dinner I had funny feeling that I should consult sister before I committed. We had a undefined loosey goosey hangout plans that food would fit nicely into, but before I knew it was whisking eggs and chopping broccoli for a frittata.  While it was baking in all its eggy glory wouldnt you know, I was invited for black bean burgers with sister! I am no stranger to hobbit style eating (Im a big fan of second breakfast) so I accepted the invitation and had a wee small slice of sweet potato broccoli frittata for pre-dinner.
sweet potato, broccoli, green onion, sheep feta

 You guys, Nunus black bean burgers were ridiculous! All the flavors were spot on, I felt like I was 11 years old eating tacos in New Mexico! We ate them on romaine leaves (we are so on to the breadless sandwich trend) and because of the shape of the leaves and slight crumbling of the burgers we called them burritos! There was a touch of heat in the patties but the cool crunch of the lettuce and creaminess of the avocado and goat cheese were the perfect combo for my delicate bunny palette.
black bean burger burrito bar for sisters!
I had a spot of coconut milk ice cream for 2nd dinner dessert but Nunu skipped as she thinks mint chocolate tastes like toothpaste. And because she didnt have dessert she made a yummy almond milk chai to sip while watching Babe. And to this I asked "even though I had dessert can I have tea too???". And so it was, there was tea for two!


  1. Those Black Bean 'burgers' are on our menu this week. I love your writing, always makes me smile and giggle. Tea for two!!

  2. To your own tribe be true!

    Also, can I have the recipe for the black bean burger layout?

  3. she made these burgers and the mayo (mayo was too spicy for me)

    served on romaine or buns, with avacado slices& lime (or guac), fresh pico (lots of cilantro mmm) and she put out goat cheese for me :)

  4. I'm so glad you liked them! They did turn out pretty tasty. B, just be careful when grilling the burgers, as they somewhat fell apart. I think a smaller patty might be more successful.