Tuesday, 2 April 2013

getting my veggie groove back, the things I didnt know

One of the major issues I had leading up to my surgery was extreme stricturing of my small intestines- which made it difficult/painful/impossible to eat straight up raw veg and most raw fruit. I was juicing, blending, steaming, stirfrying and roasting my produce but eating a raw apple or a raw carrot would have me doubled over in stitches or other worse fates. Even though surgery was a total ass-kicking, it was just a flinch compared to the 11 years of ass-kicking that crohns has given me.

Well 4 weeks into healing and I am comfortably and jubilantly eating raw raw raw veggies! It is so exciting. I have also been super-reflective, now that I am well into healing and growing fresh new cells, about the bigger picture of this disease and what this surgery marks for me. I was diagnosed at the tender formative age of 14 when this disease was utterly destroying me. I was raised on the standard american diet (SAD) of white bread, gluten in every meal, convential meat&dairy, sugar cereal every day, tons of fast food and a candy bar or two at every grocery shopping trip. I was fond of the deep fried pizza pops at the mall and made myself microwaved minute rice and cheeze whiz as my packed lunch in junior high.  Ive come a long long way in understanding food as medicine and shifting to a whole foods, plant based, unproccessed low allergen diet as well as learning how to manage stress and finding peace and self-love in the hardest of times. Ive let go of the years of sadness and struggle and confusion that were trapped in those 3 feet of destroyed intestine and have a new sense of peace and strength about the years ahead of me. I have a renewed sense of dedication to my health and spirit, and am excited about the new connection of my healthy intestine as it represents a new connection to healing, growing and possibilty. Heres some eats Ive been crafting lately:
rice tortilla pizza with shitakes, spinach, sheep feta

romaine wrap with sprouts and sweet potato latke
super delux salad! romaine, apple, cuke, avacado, fried tempeh and sheep feta

addicted to these almond butter cups. Ive made 3 batches. I want to feed them to everyone I love.

lovely dinner of salmon, broccoli, rice and sprouts

Eat your veggies and be bountiful and bright! Nourish and be grateful for you health, treasure your body and practice self-love and empathy.


  1. One day you are going to be my live in chef. AHHHH. Your pictures are killing me. You honestly need to join instagram and post your food there with links to your blog. Instagram is fun and free and such a neat social platform. Love all your postage. xoxo

  2. I want instagram sooo bad but it seems like you have to have an iPhone! once my income starts flowing again Im seriously going to look into trading up my phone haha

  3. i thought that androids could get it too? what kind of phone do you have?