Sunday, 31 March 2013

dinner with Kris and Meghan

I wish.

Kris Carr of and Meghan Telpner of  are two very inspirational ladies I look up to when it comes to living healthy, happy, vibrantly and practicing plant based food choices (for everyone, really!) but especially as a healing tool in the face of dis-ease. I get advice and ideas from  both of  these rainbow sparkly health warriors often, and when I felt like cooking something special and different on a mellow Saturday night date with myself, they had my back.

Cheesy pasta and tomato sauce is total nostalgic comfort food for me, but a rare treat and a far cry from the white wheat-prego-orange cheddar of my childhood. Im onto the gluten free noodles, organic tomato and goat cheese options.  My dinner with Kris and Meghan (can you imagine though?!) started when I had all the stuff to make a version of these  balls - I used a blob of pesto for the herbs, oats instead of flour and egg instead of flax, and used the base of this dirty penne to create a hearty, comforting creamy pasta.  My sauce was simply some leftover marinara I crafted after having a sister date at the italian market blended with a simple cashew cream. I layered fresh spinach between my penne and sauce so it wilted perfectly, topped it with 3 balls and generous fresh parsley. YUM.
freshly layered penne, spinach, sauce, balls
after mixing, so yummy I already have a mouthful 

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