Thursday, 28 March 2013

what color did you have for breakfast?

I love to start my day with a fresh veggie juice. Preferably green (I save the beets/carrots for an afternoon juice). In fact, I swear by it and feel totally off if I dont have it. My green juices are usually a base of cucumber and/or celery, an apple for sweetness, half a lemon for that morning cleansing effect, maybe a knob of ginger and a leafy green like kale, chard, parsley or romaine. So delicious. And Ruby red grapefruit, if it is juicy and succulent, also tops my list of fresh morning starters. Seriously, when I wake up I just lay in bed dreaming about my juice or what fruit I have to make a little fruit salad, my stomach is asking for the fresh live enzyme kick of raw fruits&veg. And then after my juice and/or fruit Ill follow with a little stretching and something more substantial- eggs, oats, yogurt ect.  Green juice is my lifeblood!

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