Saturday, 23 March 2013

Meet my blog.

 Hi. This is my blog, shortguts. This is my new belly button, about a week or so after my small bowel resection. After 11 years living with a relatively aggressive case of crohns disease, I had enough of the  small bowel obstruction emergency room trips and superhero doses of steroids.  Despite my dedication to healthy living this dis-ease had done some serious damage and I just knew it was time to go. The plan was to remove about 12cm but upon entering my guts, the surgeons found no less than 3 feet of substantially diseased and badly damaged small intestine to remove. Thus was born shortguts.

Juice. I am a juicehead. This is a freshly released from the hosptial skinny bunny  testing her newly renovated shortguts on a carrot juice. Fresh veggie juice has been my lifeblood for a few years now. One of the great frustrations of crohns disease is the inability to comfortably eat raw veg. With a few feet of badly scarred and strictured (a stricture is an extreme narrowing of the intestine due to inflammation and scarring) guts, raw veg and other high-fibre foods become small-bowel-obstruction causing enemies. I learned this the hard way in my adventures pursuing the healthiest health and shoving my face full of raw veg and nuts and eventually winding up in the ER and having strictures explained to me for the first time. Anyways. I found a loophole. I may not be able to eat raw veg, but I can drink them. And I do, every day.  Despite the initial difficult phases of healing post-op, I am pretty excited about my new shortguts and vow to treasure every last inch of healthy villi in my little gut. This blog will focus on my food adventures, my experiences and insights with crowns disease, and you may see some puppy and yoga filter in. Oh, and for now, my photos will be primarily photobooth. Sorry if this insults you photographers :) I just finished a delicious chocolate avacado pudding and am feeling pretty good about this new beginning. 
<3 bunny

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