Friday, 29 March 2013

the gluten free sandwich

When I was in the hospital I watched alot of tv. Because thats the way they set you up- they tie down to a bed with IVs and stick a tv in front of your face. The remote is actually a part of the bed, like right next to the nurse button. As if watching TV were equally critical as post-op nurse care. I digress. I watched alot of food network, as I went about 5/6 days with no food and the visual experience of food was the best I was gunna get. I happily watched programs showcasing and glorifying greasy fried diner   food and was too numbed out from my regular self to care. They did however leave me with an intense desire to eat sandwiches, what with all the super delux burgers and deep fried BLTs. Being of the gluten-free persuasion, sandwiches are not typically in my meal rotation. This week I was not numb and I was not in the hospital and I was not on a liquid diet. This week I was home, I was aware, I was hungry and I wanted a sandwich. Now, there is bread in my life, but it is expensive. Ive tried many a gf bread and settled on a basic brown rice loaf as my go-to. I typically use only one slice at a time for eggs or almond butter/jam ect but the sandwich occasion called out for the extravagant and rare use of TWO slices of the holy grail brown rice bread. This little beauty of a food unit was so satisfying. 

yellow heirloom tomato, mustard, pickle, goat cheddar, avocado, pea shoots

Then there is the breadless sandwich. This is where shit gets fun. Butterleaf or romaine are super fun to use as non-bread food vehicles. This one came together pretty randomly as I was insipired to make sweet potato latkes but then didnt really know what to eat them with so I called them veggie burgers and raided the fridge for burger fixings. That there is a sweet potato latke piled with pea shoots, goat cheddar, pickle and avocado held in a butterleaf bun. yum yum. 

I will leave you with a little tip. If you have gluten free friends in your life, and for whatever culinary circumstance they happen to use gluten free bread in your presence, dont laugh or make fun! we know our bread looks funny and is different than your bread,  but everyone deserves a sandwich once in awhile :)

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